About Me – Iron Mike

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Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Michael Gronkowski. I’m a personal trainer from Arizona.

I enjoy staying in top physical shape – in the bedroom and in the gym.

I attended the University of Arizona. In my twenties, in my spare time, I worked as an Internet affiliate marketer. My two areas of expertise were pro-sexual supplements and bodybuilding protein powders.

This gave me valuable experience. I bring it to my first major review blog under my own name here in 2018 – Editor of “Male Enhancement Pills Free Trial.”

I acquired the nickname “Iron Mike” in high school from my friends because of my love of “Pumping Iron” and the “Arnold Press.”

I first started pumping iron after watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno in the movie “Pumping Iron” when I was 14 years old. I’ve been hooked on the “Iron” ever since!

I was a 2 sport athlete in high school and I’m actually pretty competitive!

I’m only half-joking when I says “Nobody Screws Iron Mike!”

I do not like getting ripped off. I always want a “fair deal.”

I want to bring this spirit to my consumer readers.

Like any guy, I enjoy sex, as well as the gym. I am always looking for an extra edge.

“Male Enhancement Pills Free Trial” is my first blog under my own name.

I am an independent reviewer. All opinions are my own.

In accordance with FTC Regulations, I may receive affiliate commissions for reviewing certain Free Samples. But I will never rate highly a Free Trial or Free Sample that I do not believe is worthwhile.


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