Apidren PM Review: Apidren PM is NOT Specifically Made for Young Women!

Apidren PM Review SCAM? (2019)

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GIRLS: You want to Lose Fat Fast so you Look Hot in a Bikini, Fit Into Your Wedding Dress, or Attract Hot Guys.

You DO NOT want to:

  • be Embarrassed by Side Effects like “Pooping” and “Gas” when dressed in Short Shorts or Leggings, a Little Black Dress, or wearing a String Bikini on the Beach
  • get Taken Advantage Of by Wasting Money on Female Fat Burner Reviews that are NOT Specifically Made to Work for Younger Women: Booty, Belly, and Love Handles
  • Waste Time on Female Fat Burners that “Take Forever” to Work – weeks or even months. This is fine for Older Women, or Men. As a Younger Woman with a Busy Lifestyle, you want the convenience of Fast Fat Loss that happens “THIS WEEK”

    Apidren PM Side Effects?

For this Apidren Review: I’m your “Big Brother” that Looks Out for You. My job is to protect you by telling you both sides of the story. This includes what the Apidren PMM Negative Reviews are saying.

Apidren PM has no caffeine. But some customer reviews claim that “it keeps you up at night.” Other customers say: “I don’t know what they’re supposed to do. So far, they’ve done nothing.

I review a lot of diet pills! I have not seen a weight loss program where taking weight loss pills before you sleep helps you lose weight. This is strange. Certainly Apidren PM is one of the few “bedtime pills” in the diet industry.

Apidren PM also tells you to “take it just before bed, with 12-16 ounces of water.”

Girls – for many people, if you drink 12-16 ounces of water before bed like Apidren PM is telling you, you will probably wake up soon to go pee!

Keep in mind Apidren PM wants you to drink 64 ounces of water a day. One customer warns about Apidren PM Side Effects:  “I took it for six weeks and if you do not drink the recommended 64 ounces of water each day (which I did not), over time you get very dehydrated and your intestines fail to function properly. It was extremely painful.”

QT Booty Reviews regarding Does QT Booty Work say that QT Booty is The Leading Female Fat Burner Specifically Made for Young Women!
QT Booty Reviews regarding Does QT Booty Work say that QT Booty is The Leading Female Fat Burner Specifically Made for Young Women!

That is 1 of the biggest Apidren Complaints. Even from other Apidren Reviews.

GIRLS – Pooping and Diarrhea are the LAST thing you want to be worrying about when you wear a sexy bikini, fit into your wedding dress, or you are getting intimate with a Hot Guy. Trust me.

Apidren is a good pill in other ways for Young Women. But many Young Women will see it as a Caffeine-Bomb Diet Pill.” And this is a Deal Breaker. Because there are Natural Appetite Suppressants around that work faster with no side effects.

How Fast Does Apidren PM Work?

Apidren is NOT said to work fast. Apidren Reviews say it takes weeks or even a month to start kicking in.

Apidren is a so-called “Caffeine Bomb” Diet Pill This means it’s made with high dosages of Caffeine which can often cause side effects.

See this review: Does Hydroxycut Make You Poop?

Apidren Dosage?

The Apidren Directions say the dosage is:

4 capsules a day.

Apidren Ingredients?

to take a Shocking 320 MG of a 15:1 Extract of Concentrated Caffeine24,000 MG DAILY of the concentrated ingredient – per day (4 caps total)

Apidren Side Effects?

Apidren Side Effects because of caffeine could cause Explosive Diarrhea for Women in the Middle of Sex!

Apidren FDA Approved?:

The FDA does not regulate natural dietary supplements. I have not seen anything from the FDA regarding Apidren. It appears to be using all natural ingredients.



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